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Our Solutions

Twinlode Automation helps warehouses become more efficient and productive through automation. Based on your unique requirements, we will supply the automation capabilities you need to streamline your overall business operations. We offer several automated material handling and storage systems for increased efficiency and productivity, including:


  • Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS): ASRS automates the storage and retrieval processes of products, items, and parts. Our ASRS solutions include structural steel racking, computer-controlled systems, and robotics that keep the product flow continuous across the supply chain.
  • Layer picking: Layer picking systems are designed for high-volume staging and mixing applications. Automated layer picking allows businesses to accept higher order volumes, reduce errors, and increase efficiency and flexibility.
  • Palletizing: Palletization builds pallets automatically by using palletizer robotics. Optimize the production line while improving your pick accuracy, cycle times, and throughput.
  • Automated guided vehicles (AGVs): AGVs are self-guided robots that navigate warehouses to perform material handling tasks. Automate and optimize the logistics in your warehouse while reducing your labor costs.
  • Conveyor: Our conveyor systems are customizable conveyor solutions to transport various material types within your warehouse. Available for pallet or case loads, conveyor systems are utilized in many applications to transport loads for unloading and loading.

Twinlode Automation has a wide variety of racking systems for pallets, cases, and special loads to increase warehouse storage capacity. We will help you plan and implement material handling systems for new facility layouts, reconfigure existing systems, and plan First-In First-Out (FIFO) and Last-In First-Out (LIFO) inventory management methods. Our pallet storage solutions include:


  • Selective storage: Selective storage solutions allow you to access every stored pallet at any time. They have low pallet storage density and low costs, making them ideal for small-scale warehouses as well as large-scale operations.
  • Pallet flow: Pallet flow helps products move to the picking position, which is ideal for FIFO stock, high volume, and multiple SKU applications.
  • Push back: Push back racks allow storage of two to five pallets deep while keeping all the SKUs accessible. This system has high throughput for high-density same-side picking and loading.
  • Drive-In/Drive-Thru: Drive-In and Drive-Thru pallet racks optimize the floor area and height in your warehouse to store palletized loads efficiently. This system features deep lane storage for high-density requirements.
  • Case/carton flow: Case flow or carton flow provides ergonomic put-a-way. It takes advantage of gravity to replenish pick faces by using an inclined conveyor to move products to the front. This high-density system is ideal for carton picking and light goods.
  • Keg flow racking: Keg flow racking is the preferred storage system for breweries and beer distributors. It improves storage density and delivery by maximizing space.
  • Gen2: Gen2 is a structural racking system for warehouses in areas with high seismic activity. In addition to meeting stringent requirements for stability, it is flexible for expanding, reconfiguring, and moving at any time, and its closed tube design provides maximum impact resistance.
  • Cantilever: Cantilever solutions are made for long, oddly shaped, or bulky items. They utilize space strategically with single- or double-sided access.

Our Clients

Providing Value & Excellence For Our Customers Since 1981

Over the past 40 years, Twinlode Automation has earned the trust to help companies optimize their warehouses and distribution centers by utilizing reliable and scalable material handling solutions.


Trust us to optimize your supply chain by leveraging our expertise and partnerships in industrial storage racking, automated material handling systems, and best-in-class software. We strive to provide all of our customers with the best solution according to current and future needs.

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How We Add Value To Our Customers



Save on warehouse, labor, and equipment costs using our highly efficient storage solutions.



Get a customized racking solution to fit your warehouse’s size and level of automation.



Our automated and traditional pallet rack storage solutions are customized to meet the unique needs of your industry.



Feel confident knowing your material handling system was developed by Twinlode’s 30+ years experience.


After more than 20 years of experience as a leader in the material handling industry, Twinlode has evolved to Twinlode Automation because we understand the industry and we are focused on building smarter, more efficient warehouses.

The Story Behind the Name – Material Handling is in our DNA

The Creators Of The Acclaimed “Twinlode” Double-Wide Drive-In Pallet Rack System.


Mastering the design of adaptable and efficient warehouse management, our services include consulting, designing and implementing solutions from concept to completion.


The word “Twinlode” is popularly known in material handling for Double-Wide Drive-In pallet racking systems. Coined over 20 years ago from a high-density storage solution we created for a global company in the beverage industry, material handling is in our DNA. Since then, Twinlode racking systems began to rapidly transform how distribution centers and warehouses store palletized inventory in food and beverage and cold storage supply chains, as well as in the agricultural industry.

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Michael Miller - Twinlode Sales Director

For more than 40 years, Twinlode Automation has helped warehouses and distribution centers design, engineer, manage, and implement best-in-class storage solutions. Learn more about our pallet racking and other capabilities by contacting our team by submitting a contact form or calling us.


Twinlode Automation offers material handling and high density warehouse storage solutions to meet the unique needs of any industry.