Selective Pallet Racking Guide

Selective Pallet Racking Guide

Selective Pallet Racking Guide

The most common type of warehouse racking, the selective pallet rack has lower storage density but is also the lowest cost of all racking solutions. A structural selective pallet rack is a durable choice for high-abuse, high-capacity environments.

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What Is Selective Pallet Racking?

Selective pallet racking provides direct access to every pallet in storage, making it ideal for operations with a high number of SKU counts requiring quick product accessibility. This design allows operators to “select” any pallet from the rack without moving other pallets.

What Are The Common Types Of Selective Racking Systems?

Single Deep Selective Pallet Racks

Single selective racks are a single deep pallet rack storage solution, allowing any pallet on the rack to be picked without moving other pallets. Single deep selective pallet racks consist of vertical upright frames and horizontal load beams. These high-capacity beams and welded trusses give the storage structure stability.

Additionally, single selective pallet racking supports a FIFO inventory management method, allowing the first pallets stored to be the first ones picked.

Double Deep Pallet Racks

This racking system has the capacity to store two pallets deep and supports a LIFO inventory management method.

The primary advantage of Double Deep pallet racking is high storage density. Since this racking holds more pallets than single deep solutions, warehouses can achieve a 50% increase in storage density as compared to generic selective racking.

Selective Storage Racking Benefits


The selective racking system is available in structural steel construction. This construction is designed for versatility and strength and offers one of the most rigid systems available with its beam-to-frame design.


Selective racking systems function well for various applications. Selective racking can accommodate full pallets, partial pallets, and even cases when using accessories such as wire decking.

Low cost per pallet position

Warehouses determine how much inventory they can store through the pallet position metric. Selective racking has the lowest cost per pallet position, making it more cost-effective to store high quantities of products.

Maximum SKU pick

Selective racking has a cost-effective design allowing for the maximum number of SKU pick facings available in a standard rack.

Lower forklift and pallet handling costs

Selective racking systems have lower costs for forklift operation and material handling, making this solution cost-effective to operate.

Efficient palletized storage

Selective racking stores palletized loads efficiently by utilizing vertical space in a facility, which eliminates block stacking and opens up available floor space.

Where to Use a Selective Racking System

High-SKU stock

Warehouses with many SKUs benefit from selective racking. This system is ideal for high SKU stock count since operators can access any SKU needed easily.

First-In First-Out (FIFO) inventory management

Selective racking systems in single deep configurations use a First-In First-Out (FIFO) racking type, ensuring that perishable items or short shelf life SKUs are able to be turned over efficiently.

High seismic areas

The GEN2 selective pallet racking system features a closed-tube structural rack that is  ideal in high seismic areas due to its durability and strength.

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