Cold Storage

Warehousing space in a refrigerated warehouse is highly valuable, so we want to help you utilize the space most effectively by increasing productivity, efficiency, safety, and reliability. We design high-density cold storage racking systems to increase allowable inventory storage within your footprint.


Temperature-controlled environments require considerable operational planning to ensure the quality and safety of perishable products throughout the entire supply chain; from distribution centers, to retail, and to the end consumer.


Twinlode Automation has ample experience working in the cold storage industry and integrating cold storage racks. Twinlode has delivered many successful projects to businesses contributing to food supply for communities around the nation.

Characteristics of Cold Storage

  • Products are transported quickly within today’s temperature-controlled facility to ensure freshness.
  • High operational costs to refrigerate warehouse.
  • Floor space is extremely valuable; requiring a need for high-density cold storage racking systems.


Recommendation for Cold Storage Facilities

Due to fast handling speeds within freezer settings, there is an increased risk for equipment damage, either forklift or racking, which could result in system downtime or workplace injuries. Although roll-formed steel is a more economical option, structural steel has quickly become the industry standard for material handling systems in cold storage facilities due to its durability against harsh freezer conditions and resistance to susceptible forklift damage.


Benefits of Cold Storage Racks


There are many advantages to using freezer pallet racking storage systems in material handling facilities. Companies that use cold storage racks in their cold storage warehouses can expect to experience the following benefits for their products, employees, and facilities:


  • Space optimization: Frozen pallet storage systems maximize warehouse storage space, allowing organizations to utilize the greatest possible capacity. Freeing up more space means better accommodating future growth.
  • Increased efficiency: Automated cold storage solutions enable companies to maximize throughput by transporting products significantly faster and more precisely than employees.
  • Energy conservation: Cold storage systems maximize temperature-controlled storage facility volume, resulting in lower energy consumption per pallet.
  • Employee protection: Freezer racking automation frees workers from exposure to harsh, uncomfortable, or hazardous working conditions.
  • Labor reduction: Automating material handling tasks allows workers to dedicate their efforts to more valuable jobs while reducing labor costs.

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Our Solutions for Cold Storage

Frequently Asked Cold Storage Questions


What Are Cold Storage Racks?


Cold storage racks help facilitate the storage of products that require temperature control to ensure optimal preservation. These solutions are designed with a compact construction to conserve warehouse space while providing adequate storage. Another aim of freezer racking systems is to improve energy efficiency in the warehouse through proper cold distribution across pallets.


Different types of cold storage:


  • Cold Storage Zone: This type of cold storage is ideal for storing dairy, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Frozen Storage Zone: This type of cold storage is ideal for storing frozen goods in a deep freeze. Common goods in this zone would be ice cream, frozen meats, and other frozen goods.


What Is Automated Cold Storage?


Automated cold storage is a method by which temperature-controlled products are moved through the warehouse, enabling organizations to keep inventory moving while maintaining suitable temperatures. By automating warehouses with cold storage pallet racking, organizations can streamline inventory flow while protecting goods and employees.


Why Choose Structural Steel Over Roll-Formed For Refrigerated Environments?


Structural steel offers significant advantages over roll-formed when it comes to freezer racking systems:


  • Structural steel is engineered to support heavy load capacities
  • It is comprised of hot-rolled channels of steel, welded components, and bolted connections; resulting in a durable and sturdy structure
  • Structural steel’s open-back design is ideal to help keep the system free of debris

Invest In Cold Storage Racking


At Twinlode Automation, we can implement a comprehensive selection of cold storage racking systems designed to optimize any warehouse. Our dependable pallet racking solutions are available in many flexible configurations ideal for freezer applications to meet your facility’s unique requirements. These solutions are designed to maximize floor space, increase storage capacity, and improve warehouse efficiency for material handling environments.


Our customization capabilities allow us to provide our customers with an extensive assortment of individualized pallet racking solutions for cold storage. We can design freezer racking systems to handle numerous pallet sizes and customize frozen pallet storage solutions to meet organizations’ national and global seismic requirements.


Twinlode Automation will design and implement a cold storage racking solution suitable for your cold storage application. Contact us today!