A case/carton racking system is designed for maximizing depth space by using a conveyor that is slightly inclined to make cases move easily along a sloped plane. Case/carton flow systems are driven by gravity and are frequently equipped with motion and braking systems to control the speed of the moving inventory.


Case/carton flow increases productivity and reserved space; it’s similar to a conveyor rack system, and it can pick from front case, keep reserve storage in rear cases, while it also offers wide rollers and full bed skate wheels optimize productivity.


Case/carton flow racks can be implemented with new and existing pallet rack or pick modules, allowing both pallet flow and carton flow rack to be utilized in the same structural rack system. Twinlode Automation’s case/carton flow converts static systems into high capacity gravity flow rack picking systems. This enables items to be rotated on a first in first out basis and keeps items visible and within reach at all times.


The main advantage of carton flow rack over static rack or shelving systems is that merchandise remains better organized and easier to find or pick. Merchandise is stocked in the rear of the carton flow rack and moves toward the picking station in front on an inclined shelf equipped with specially designed roller track. When a carton is removed from the picking station, the next one in line rolls to the front. Picking and stocking items can be performed without interference and with minimized travel.



  • Merchandise remains better organized and easier to find or pick
  • Automatically rotated on a first-in, first-out basis
  • Similar to a conveyor rack system
  • Labor savings of up to 75% can be realized
  • Better monitoring of inventory as products are fully visible at all times
  • Pick from front case, keep reserve storage in rear cases
  • Wide rollers and full bed skate wheels optimize productivity
  • SKU pick faces are maximized because only one case or carton of each SKU is presented to the picker
  • Incorporating pallet racks and mezzanine rack further enhances pick faces
  • Pick accuracy is enhanced when carton flow racks are combined with a pick-to-light system
  • In order pick areas, case flow racking increases the number of pick faces and decreases walking distance between racks
  • Minimizes operator and picking interference because picking is performed on one side of the rack system, while restocking is performed at the opposite end of the racking systems