Carton and Case Flow Racking


Case flow racking, also known as carton flow racking, is a flow racking system designed for picking inventory efficiently and accurately. It uses an inclined conveyor of wheeled tracks to allow cases easily move along a sloped plane. Case and carton flow racks are driven by gravity and are often combined with push back systems for direct overhead replenishment.


Twinlode Automation’s case/carton flow racking systems convert static systems into dynamic, high-capacity gravity flow rack picking systems. This system enables items to be rotated on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) basis and keeps SKUs visible and within reach at all times. Carton and case flow racks can accommodate various depths and storage capacities.


Benefits of Carton Flow Racking Systems

Carton and case flow racking systems offer many advantages, including:


  • Enhances storage density
  • Organizes inventory
  • Maintains FIFO inventory flow
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Minimizes maneuvering and displacement
  • Maximizes pick faces
  • Increases pick accuracy
  • Separates picking and stocking

Carton Flow Racking System Implementation

Carton flow racking systems have many variable features that can be changed to meet the needs of the warehouse, making them versatile for many picking operations. Case flow racks in warehouses can be adapted to accommodate the load’s size, shape, and weight. Twinlode can customize the following features of a case flow racking system to best suit the characteristics and needs of an operation:


  • The gradient and distance between wheels
  • The number of shelves
  • Shelf heights
  • Wheels per lane
  • Lanes per shelf
  • Lane widths


Case and carton flow racking systems can be implemented with new and existing pallet racks or pick modules, allowing both pallet flow and carton flow racks to be utilized in the same structural rack system. Carton flow racks can be installed at lower levels, leaving room for other racking systems — like push back racking — at higher levels. This system can also be a stand-alone rack.


Carton flow pallet racks are ideal for picking split cases and full cartons and applications with a high number of SKUs. Its picking access improves pick rates and productivity.

Case and Cartons on Flow Racking Utilizing Gravity to Multiple Pick Faces

Increase productivity and maximize pick faces with Carton Flow.

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Carton flow racking systems keep inventory organized and save on labor costs, and Twinlode Automation implements case flow racking systems for warehouses in various industries. We have years of experience with pallet rack solutions. Twinlode Automation also offers professional services for assistance with consultation, design, and implementation.


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