Pallet Rack Safety Inspections

Twinlode Automation offers a variety of service packages to cover inspections, comprehensive audits, and preventative maintenance on material handling and pallet racking. Services are available for engineers to visit the site and conduct a survey of the equipment to ensure that the warehouse system is complying with industry safety standards, operating smoothly, and providing a safe working environment.


Unsafe Pallet Rack Systems

A racking system may be noncompliant with OSHA safety regulations from daily use or irregular accidents. Bumps, impacts, and other damage can compromise a pallet rack’s safety.


Rack systems may be unsafe due to issues such as:


  • Improperly installed or sheared off anchors.
  • Out of place safety clips.
  • Collisions from forklifts.
  • Over-loaded beams
  • Reconfiguring the beam levels to fit new products.


An unsafe rack can cause these problems in a warehouse:


  • Employee injury: Damaged racks place workers at risk of injury. In an accident, the warehouse could be held liable.
  • Rack collapse: If the rack structure cannot support itself and the weight of the inventory, it can collapse, risking the safety of the products and warehouse workers.
  • Property damage: Broken racks can damage warehouse property and be costly to repair.
  • Fines for noncompliance: If a warehouse has rack safety problems during an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspection, it may be cited for noncompliance. Warehouses that do not meet OSHA regulations could be fined or forced to stop operations temporarily.


Scheduled racking inspections help ensure the structure has no issues and complies with safety standards.


Full Service or One-Time Inspections for Your Facility

When building a custom maintenance package, Twinlode Automation works with customers to ensure safety, continuity, and productivity.  Whether planned, scheduled maintenance, or on-the-fly service, Twinlode Automation is a trusted partner with every step.


We have years of experience with pallet racking inspections and installations. Twinlode Automation has membership in several industry associations, including Rack Manufacturer’s Institute (RMI). These organizations have established maintenance and repair regulations for racking systems that we follow for safety compliance.


Benefits of Racking Inspections

Pallet racking inspections offer many advantages for warehouses. Safe and durable racking systems:


  • Increase employee and equipment safety.
  • Reduce the risk of system failure.
  • Avoid system downtime caused by technical failures.
  • Ensure long-term value of material handling system.
  • Maximize equipment availability.


Our Warehouse Racking Safety Inspection Process

Our rack inspections are conducted in accordance with safety standards and best practices set by RMI. By following the RMI national guidelines, we can identify all potential risks based on priority and recommend additional action items to ensure compliance, promote safe work areas for employees, and minimize system downtime.


During an inspection, our rack safety expert will walk through the facility to identify damaged areas and determine whether a repair or replacement is needed. They will look for damage in these areas:


  • Columns: Column damage includes deflection greater than 0.5 inches and rips and tears.
  • Horizontal and diagonal struts: Strut problems include braces with deflection, tears, rips, missing braces, and broken welds.
  • Beams: Beams should not be overloaded, meaning you should not exceed the recommended capacity from the rack manufacturer. Deficiencies in snap and load locks, missing or damaged beams, and damaged, loose, or missing fasteners are considered damage.
  • Anchors: Loose, broken, and missing anchors prevent the upright footplates from properly anchoring to the floor.
  • Footplates: Damaged footplates are sheared and twisted.
  • Decking: Damaged decks have dips, missing pieces, and exposed and jagged edges.
  • Frames: Frames should meet minimum straightness of 0.5 inches per 10 feet of height for down and cross aisles.


The inspector will also make protection recommendations to ensure racking systems maintain their integrity through daily use, such as:


  • End-of-row protection
  • Frame extensions
  • Post protectors
  • Down-aisle protection
  • Guardrails

Choose Twinlode Automation for Pallet Rack Inspection Services

Twinlode Automation considers its customers an extension of itself, and safety and peace of mind are top priorities, even after a material handling system is installed and under full operation.


We recommend using our pallet rack inspection services at least once a year. Inspections are critical for events such as a new rack installation, regulatory compliance review, or earthquakes.


Contact Us About Our Rack Inspection Services

The pallet rack inspection services by Twinlode Automation help warehouses ensure their racking systems are safe. We have years of experience inspecting racks in warehouses across several industries. Twinlode Automation offers other professional services, such as design, implementation, and consultation.


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