Warehouse Racking Safety Inspections

Twinlode Automation offers a variety of service packages to cover inspections, comprehensive audits, and preventative maintenance on material handling and pallet racking. Services are available for engineers to visit your site and conduct a survey of the equipment to ensure that your warehouse system is complying with industry safety standards, operating smoothly, and providing a safe working environment within your operation.


Full Service or One-Time Inspections for Your Facility


When building a custom maintenance package, Twinlode works with customers to ensure safety, continuity, and productivity.  Whether planned, scheduled maintenance, or on-the-fly service, Twinlode Automation is your partner with every step.


Our Process


Our rack safety inspections are conducted in accordance with safety standards and best practices set by the Rack Manufacturers Institute. By following the RMI national guidelines, we can identify all potential risks based on priority and recommend additional action items to ensure compliance, promote safe work areas for employees, and minimize system downtime.


Twinlode Automation considers its customers an extension of itself, and safety and peace of mind are top priorities, even after a material handling system is installed and under full operation.


Benefits Of Racking Inspections

  • Increase employee and equipment safety
  • Reduce the risk of system failure
  • Avoid system downtime caused by technical failures
  • Ensure long-term value of material handling system
  • Maximize equipment availability

Damaged Rack or Need An Inspection?

Protect Your Warehouse with a Rack Inspection

Damaged rack or want to minimize potential system downtime?

Ensure safety compliance within your operation to protect your inventory and personnel.