Drive In and Drive Thru pallet racking optimizes space by making maximum use of the floor area and height of your warehouse. Typically used in applications for storing a limited number of SKUs, Drive In and Drive Thru systems reduce overall square footage requirements when compared to other types of storage solutions.


With a Drive In system, drivers can load and retrieve pallets from the same entry point at which they were loaded, achieving Last-In First-Out (LIFO) access.


With a Drive Thru system, pallets are loaded on one side and unloaded on the other side for First-In First-Out (FIFO) inventory management, ensuring that the oldest material is picked first.


Drive In and Drive Thru storage solutions are high-density rack systems that reduce overall square footage requirements by 35%. Deep lane storage reduces space usage, cuts costs and holds more loads.


These systems allow forklift operators to traverse the entire length of the system, so the need for space-demanding aisles for truck movement is greatly decreased. It enables better use of available space through denser storage.




  • Optimize space, cost effective storage
  • Double or single/double forklift can increase productivity
  • Elimination of additional uprights for every pallet position increases storage density
  • Side by side pallet handling stabilizes the load and improves efficiency and safety
  • Custom designed for your pallets and forklifts
  • High volumes, few SKUs
  • Multiple access aisles eliminated
  • Extra control over inputs and outputs