Nor-Cal beverage case study with Twinlode shows dramatic productivity increases in the warehouse

Nor-Cal beverage case study with Twinlode shows dramatic productivity increases in the warehouse

Las Vegas – October 9, 2017 – Twinlode Corporation today announced that through its more than twenty-year relationship with Nor-Cal Beverage, the company had seen significant benefits within its warehouse operations. Since its founding 80 years ago, Nor-Cal Beverage Company based in Sacramento, Calif. has become one of the largest independent beverage co-packers west of the Mississippi, specializing in the bottling, co-packing and distribution of sodas, teas, ades, chilled juices, energy drinks and fortified and sparkling water for the largest beverage makers. Watch the case study video on YouTube: Twinlode & Nor-Cal Beverage Succeed Together

After determining its current warehouse solutions weren’t allowing the company to support its growth, the company brought in Twinlode to help facilitate a complete overhaul of its beverage storage racking system.  The Twinlode project management team quickly designed a system that allowed Nor-Cal to store product without stacking them on top of each other.   It also provided a way to handle two pallets at a time, both in and out of the racks.

“Before working with Twinlode, we had three or four different warehouses that were very inefficient.  We stacked pallets one or two high, sometimes three high depending on the product mix.  We outgrew those warehouses very quickly because we didn’t have the racking capability,” said Shannon Deary Bell, Nor-Cal president and CEO.  “The Twinlode team took our company’s products from being stored on the ground, to a high-density double-wide advanced racking system that increased productivity by more than 50 percent, improved our storage density by more than 35 percent, and reduced wear and tear throughout our warehouse operation.”

“For more than 20 years, Twinlode has enjoyed an excellent relationship with Nor-Cal beverage that has allowed us to help the company see numerous benefits as it continued its growth path,” commented Skip Eastman, CEO of Twinlode Corporation. “We are excited to see how this relationship grows in the future.”

The Twinlode solution features its Gen2 dual-pallet system that also exceeds stringent requirements for geographic areas with the potential for high seismic activity, which includes all Nor-Cal Beverage’s warehouse locations.  Its closed structural tube architecture provides substantial cost savings by significantly lessening floor slab uplift design requirements in all facilities. It also provides flexibility for expansion, moving and reconfiguration at much lower costs than conventional racking systems.

Using a combination of Twinlode engineering expertise and its advanced racking systems, Nor-Cal continues to enjoy maximum cubic square foot space utilization in all of its warehouse facilities while ensuring that its customers’ orders are fulfilled efficiently and on time.  For more details on Twinlode, please visit the company website at


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