Double Deep Selective Racks

For Immediate Access To Every Stored Pallet

Whether revamping, expanding, or installing new selective pallet racking, implementing double deep selective racks offers excellent organization and storage capacity. Companies with high-performing inventory management systems and a limited product range moving high SKU volumes would benefit most from this system. It may also prove advantageous for businesses storing products with long shelf lives.


Twinlode Automation has decades of experience bringing businesses a broad range of services in top-tier material handling and high-density warehouse storage systems. We implement double deep racking systems to offer a versatile, robust solution to meet our customers’ specific needs and exceed their expectations. Contact our team for more information on how these systems suit several storage and material handling needs.


What Is Double Deep Pallet Racking?

A double deep pallet racking system comprises a depth sufficient for storing two pallets, one in front of the other. It is particularly beneficial to businesses in need of a storage system with higher storage density when compared to single, selective racking. With this system in place, inventory management follows the last-in, first-out (LIFO) method, where forklift operators must retrieve the front pallet to reach the one at the back. Operators must use forklifts with specialized reach mechanisms, such as pantograph reach trucks, to access pallets at the back of the system.


At Twinlode Automation, we design double deep racking systems based on each customer’s specific inventory and storage needs to determine the most effective and efficient configuration for each facility’s operation.

Benefits of Double Deep Pallet Racking

Integrating a double deep selective racking system at any storage facility affords businesses several benefits, including:


  • Increased floor space: With this racking configuration, facilities will see a reduction in the number of aisles required, increasing floor space for a better aisle-to-shelf ratio.
  • Higher storage density: Companies could experience an increase in storage density with a racking system offering twice the number of pallet positions.
  • Cost-effective investment: Due to the significant increase in storage density, double deep racking systems are one of the most cost-effective configurations.
  • High inventory access: Incorporating this racking configuration allows for access to two pallet positions with minimal forklift movement.
  • Faster handling times: Because implementing double deep pallet racking means fewer aisles and more pallet positions, it reduces pallet handling times and promotes a quicker turnaround for high-volume picks.
  • Versatile systems: Incorporating this pallet racking system allows businesses to easily reposition, convert, and adapt their systems as their business needs change.


When to Use Double Deep Pallet Racking

Whether companies need a new system for storage facilities within the food and beveragecold storage, or agriculture industries, double deep selective racking is most beneficial in scenarios with:


  • Small product range in large quantities: Businesses offering a limited range of products that distribute medium to large quantities at a time benefit from this racking configuration.
  • Products with a long shelf life: Facilities storing items with a medium to long shelf life should consider this system.
  • Double pallet storage requirements: A double deep pallet racking system is ideal where facilities need special storage for products with more than one pallet.
  • High-performance operations: It would be suitable for companies where limited pallet access is not an issue, such as those with highly efficient inventory management systems.


Why Choose Twinlode Automation?

Offering a host of professional services, Twinlode Automation is the leading material handling solution provider focused on helping customers with supply chain and logistics challenges. When partnering with Twinlode Automation, companies receive first-class automated solutions and pallet rack systems tailored to their business needs while enjoying other value-added benefits:


  • Unsurpassed customer service: Our dedicated team takes a customer-centric approach every step of the way to ensure we meet their business needs.
  • Adaptable system solutions: Regardless of the facility’s size or existing configuration, we provide flexible systems for easy integration.
  • Extensive industry experience: With over 40 years of experience in storage system solutions, we ensure our clients’ material handling system needs are in good hands.
  • Cost-effective systems: Our best-in-class systems allow businesses to save resources on equipment, labor, and warehousing costs.
  • Tailored system solutions: We can customize pallet racking and automated storage system solutions to meet each company’s needs.
Warehouse Pallet Storage using Selective Racking

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