Pallet Shuttles


Pallet Shuttles, a semi-automated cart storage system, increases storage capacity and density for warehouse or distribution centers with high volume and for single-SKU pallets. SKUs are grouped by channel/level and compacted within a deep lane. 


The Pallet Shuttle Carts travel within the deep lane racking system to load and unload pallets. The Carts can be utilized for multiple lanes by transporting the cart from row to row by forklift or AGV. 


Pallet Shuttle systems can be operated by WiFi controlled tablet for precise moves outside of programmed operational tasks.


Different Pallet Shuttle models are available for ambient and cold storage applications. 


Applications for Pallet Shuttles:

  • High volume of Single-SKU pallets 
  • High activity loading and unloading 
  • Low SKU counts & high volume of pallets 
  • High-density storage solution for Cold Storage operations to increase capacity and maximize existing floor/vertical space 
  • Seasonal product warehouses
  • LIFO (Last In, First Out)
  • FIFO (First In, First Out)


Benefits of Pallet Shuttles

  • Improved storage density 
  • Increased storage capacity 
  • Reduced operating costs 
  • Reduced Forklift traffic – No aisle required, thus creating more allowable space for storage 
  • Versatility – FIFO & LIFO applications 
  • Scalability – easily add more shuttles as operational demands grow 
  • Controlled by WMS 
  • Reduced handling times
  • Increased efficiency by linking order processing with logistics management
  • Automation reduces labor costs while increasing safety


Components of Pallet Shuttles

  • Vertical Rack Uprights 
  • Horizontal Rack Beams 
  • Guiderails 
  • Rail End-stops 
  • Pallet Centralizers 
  • Inner Rail Supports 
  • External Rail Supports
Semi automated pallet shuttle cart transporting pallets within industrial rack system.

Increase storage capacity, density, and warehouse productivity with a scalable, semi-automated Pallet Shuttle system.

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