Warehouse Racking Relocation

Are you considering the closure, relocation, or consolidation of one or more of your warehouses?


A warehouse relocation is a significant undertaking for any business. Whether you wish to dismantle and reinstall existing racking systems to the new facility or trade-in the racking components and buy new, making the most cost-effective decision can be challenging. If you need assistance in determining the optimal approach for your upcoming warehouse relocation, we are here to provide guidance throughout the process.


Rely on Twinlode’s expertise and knowledge in material handling to help you properly and professionally relocate your warehouse operations or pallet racking to a new or different facility.

Strategically Plan for Your Next Relocation by Minimizing Disruptions to Operations and to Ensure a Smooth Transition

Warehouse & Rack Relocation Services

Our expert team excels in the disassembly and reassembly of racking systems, ensuring efficient and safe relocation. With dedicated project management, we oversee the entire process, providing timely communication, coordination, and completion. Additionally, our comprehensive services cover transportation and inventory counts, making your relocation hassle-free.


Project Management: From the initial racking teardown to installation, you will have a dedicated project manager to oversee the entire relocation process, ensuring timely communication, coordination, and completion.


Racking System Disassembly: At this stage of your relocation, our team will teardown the racking system in your existing facility and account for every component by creating a materials list. By working with Twinlode, who you are choosing an experienced and trusted team of professionals to ensure that all materials are organized and palletized correctly to protect the equipment during transportation.


Relocation: Relocating a warehouse goes beyond the typical household move, demanding meticulous logistical planning to ensure a smooth transition and minimized operational downtime. We recognize the importance of a smooth and uninterrupted installation process, which is why we go above and beyond to prevent any frustration that may stem from parts arriving off-schedule or inconsistently. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that your relocation remains seamless and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on what matters most: the successful relocation of your warehouse.


ReInstallation: Once all materials have arrived at your new warehouse, we meticulously cross-reference the materials list created during the teardown phase to ensure the completeness of all racking components. Our expert team then proceeds with the setup and installation of your racking system, meticulously adhering to the design requirements specified in your relocation plan. With our extensive design expertise, we are proficient in modifying and expanding your racking system to seamlessly align with the unique specifications of your new space. Finally, we conduct a comprehensive review of the relocation plan to guarantee that every detail is impeccably executed before we finalize our work at the job site.

Why Choose Twinlode?

With over 40 years of experience of planning, designing and implementing racking and material handling systems, Twinlode has the knowledge and team to ensure your next relocation is successful. At Twinlode, we can assist in your next warehouse racking relocation to minimize the impacts to your operation and reduce downtime, in the most cost-effective way. We custom-tailor storage solutions to meet the unique needs of each client, with a strong focus on enhancing safety, productivity, and operational efficiency. Our success is rooted in our industry experience, enabling us to design and manage material handling projects of all sizes; from engineered racking systems to warehouse relocation services.

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Twinlode Automation has over 40 years of experience in integrating material handling and storage solutions. These solutions continue to support leading companies in food and beverage, agriculture, cold storage, and retail. Through full process involvement, Twinlode Automation delivers high value to every customer. Contact us for more information about our warehouse relocation services.