The most common type of warehouse racking, selective rack has low pallet storage capacity, but is also the lowest cost of all racking solutions in a smaller warehouse. Selective pallet rack is a durable choice for high-abuse, high-capacity environments.


Selective pallet racking provides direct access to every pallet in storage, making it ideal for high SKU stock count and quick product accessibility. It uses a First In-First Out racking type, ensuring that perishable items or short shelf life SKUs are able to be turned over efficiently.


Selective pallet rack consists of vertical upright frames and horizontal load beams. Twinlode Automation custom engineers the configuration of the system which is determined by factors such as weight, size of the load, customer requirements and the physical layout of the warehouse. The result is a structurally sound, flexible, and heavy weight-bearing system backed by over 20 years of experience.



  • Designed for versatility and strength
  • Ease of adjustability, can be configured to any load size
  • Low cost per pallet position
  • Beam to frame construction creates one of the most rigid systems available
  • A cost-effective design allowing for the maximum number of SKU pick facings available in standard rack
  • Offers immediate access to every stored pallet
  • Adjustable beam heights accommodate various load sizes
  • Available in roll form or structural steel construction
  • The lowest cost per square meter of racking
  • First In First Out (FIFO) inventory management
  • Access large range of SKUs
  • Multiple access points
  • No special truck requirements
  • Lower forklift and pallet handling costs
  • Ideal in high seismic areas
Warehouse Pallet Storage using Selective Racking

Improve efficiencies in your warehouse with Selective Storage racking.

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