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Warehouse automation solutions change how facilities handle and store their products and materials, helping them maximize speed, accuracy, and cost savings. With automated solutions from Twinlode Automation, companies can experience efficiency like never before.


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In today’s era of technology and rising consumer expectations, automated material handling solutions support businesses’ efforts to stay competitive and help sustain growth initiatives vital for long-term success. The need for high density, high throughput and cloud-ready solutions is driving both small and large companies alike to exponential growth due to their scalability, efficiency, and reliability. As industry and market demands continue to grow, having a future-ready supply chain has never been so critical.


That’s where Twinlode Automation comes into the picture. We work with clients to provide the “Twinlode difference”. You understand the pain points of your operations and Twinlode operates to keep our clients’ best wishes into consideration by supplying the exact level of automation needed to help your warehouse become not just a solution, but a vital aspect of your business operations.


No matter how simple or complex the supply chain challenge, Twinlode Automation leverages over 30 years of experience in material handling to supply businesses with custom solutions that deliver extraordinary efficiencies and results.

Warehouse Automation Solutions


Organizations across the cold storagefood and beverage, and agriculture industries can solve tomorrow’s warehouse problems today by investing in automated warehouse racking integrations. These best-in-class material handling solutions are expertly designed to streamline business operations with efficient automation capabilities.


Facilities benefit from implementing various warehouse automation technologies into their operations.

Automated Storage and Retrieval System for distribution center

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Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) simplify managing palletized loads in wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing facilities. ASRS solutions are fully automatic, enabling organizations to maintain an efficient product flow across the supply chain with maximum throughput and storage capacity. These automated systems are designed to improve operational efficiency and reduce the number of manual processes required for inbound, storage, and outbound tasks.

Automated Layer Picking Robot Building mixed-SKU pallets in warehouse

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This automated warehouse storage solution allows for high-volume staging and mixing applications. Automated layer picking systems enable companies to accept higher order volumes by boosting operational efficiency. This equipment minimizes human error, ensures accuracy, and achieves high throughput to ship orders faster.

Automated robotic palletizing and depalletizing systems in action, efficiently handling product stacking and destacking

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Automated palletizing solutions use palletizer robots to build pallets automatically. These automated palletizing systems are ideal for moderate to heavy-activity facilities looking to synchronize production and distribution operations, boost production efficiency, and yield a higher return on investment (ROI).


By utilizing palletizing robotics, operations can achieve higher throughput, greater picking accuracy, and faster cycle times to boost overall efficiency.


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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) to transport inventory such pallets, crates, totes, cases, boxes, and items throughout a warehouse for storage and order fulfillment

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Automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) are self-guided robots that perform material handling tasks around the warehouse. Advanced technologies like three-dimensional (3D) cameras, imaging, and light detection and ranging (LIDAR) can identify surrounding locations, movement, and positioning, allowing them to navigate the area easily. AGVs can perform applications ranging from block stacking and pallet removal to cross-docking and product line transfers.

Conveyor in warehouse to transport inventory

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Conveyors enable fast and efficient material transportation within a warehouse. These popular material handling solutions facilitate safe product movement, reduce labor costs, and increase warehouse safety. They are also highly customizable, so Twinlode will configure them to meet clients’ unique needs and keep up with changing demands.

Semi automated pallet shuttle cart transporting pallets within industrial rack system.

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Pallet Shuttles increase storage capacity and density in a scalable, semi-automated environment. Pallet Shuttle systems consolidate storage into a high-density system and simplify the loading and unloading process for distribution centers.

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Benefits of Automated Solutions


Organizations that utilize automated warehouse solutions experience many considerable advantages for their warehouses:


  • Reduced costs: Warehouse automation solutions minimize labor needs, product loss, and material waste, enabling businesses to reduce costs while increasing ROI.
  • Improved worker safety: Automated systems prevent workers from performing strenuous, repetitive tasks that may result in injury by taking over these operations.
  • Lack of human errors: By reducing the need for manual labor, warehouse automation technologies minimize the risk of human error, ensuring greater accuracy.
  • Increased throughput: Automated warehouse solutions are designed to maximize throughput, enabling companies to deliver products faster.
  • Increased Order Fulfillment: Automated solutions enable warehouses to fill orders faster and more efficiently.

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Innovative, automated technology for increased warehouse productivity.

Interested to see how a Layer Picking system can improve efficiencies in your high-volume mixing and staging operation? By automating your layer picking process for building mixed-SKU pallets, you will experience drastic increases in throughput, order fulfillment, and space utilization.

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Our team of engineers and warehouse design consultants will help you select the right automated solution for your operational needs.

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