Automatic guided vehicles are a specialized solution that can provide labor cost savings and increased efficiency. These systems are ideal for high-volume warehouse environments that move significant amounts of SKUs on a given day.


Automated Guided Vehicles can tow objects behind them in trailers to which they can autonomously attach, to move raw materials or finished product, or to store objects on a bed.


Automated Guided Vehicles are used in a variety of applications to transport many different types of material such as pallets, rolls, racks, carts, and containers. AGVs are typically used in applications where:

  • Repetitive movement of materials over a distance
  • Consistent delivery of stable loads
  • Medium throughput/volume
  • When on-time delivery is urgent and late deliveries are causing inefficiency
  • Systems where tracking material is crucial



  • Reduced labor costs
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • ptimum adaptation to dynamic logistics market requirements
  • Maximum flexibility for warehouse picking
  • Gentle and safe transport of diverse goods and load carriers
  • Increased operating safety and improved working conditions
  • Suitability for use in demanding environments
  • The greatest flexibility in terms of system adaptations and expansions

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