Hybrid Rack Systems

For Flexible Solutions

Warehouses and facilities that require storage solutions for several products or material handling applications benefit from incorporating hybrid rack systems to meet various operational needs. These customized systems offer flexible configurations that streamline operations and improve efficiency.


At Twinlode Automation, we understand the multi-faceted nature of business and that they need adaptable solutions for their unique processes. Our extensive range of best-in-class automated and pallet racking system solutions proves our commitment to meeting and exceeding our customer’s requirements. Reach out to our experienced team for a thorough inspection and quote.


What Are Hybrid Rack Systems?

A hybrid rack system includes two or more types of racking system solutions. Complex hybrid storage systems may incorporate a combination of case and pallet flow, push back, drive-in, or selective storage systems coupled with automated picking and retrieval solutions.


For example, if one product makes up most of a company’s inventory, it is essential to employ a hybrid system to move high volumes of that particular product at a time. Should the company store some products on pallets and others in smaller containers, the system must allow for adequate storage, picking and handling of both.

Benefits of Hybrid Rack Systems


The ability to combine solutions to form a hybrid system made up of multiple system solutions opens up a host of options and affords businesses the following benefits:


  • Improved safety: Store different inventory types in separate sections according to picking paths and methods to reduce the risk of product falls and potential injuries.
  • Tailored storage solution: Hybrid systems customize storage solutions to meet specific needs, such as the products and materials stored and other operational requirements.
  • Less damage: With the increased efficiency of a hybrid racking system, there is less need to handle products frequently, reducing the risk of potential damage.
  • Better inventory rotation: A hybrid racking system offers the ability to group different inventory rotation types, such as placing a last in, first out (LIFO) push back system above a first in, first out (FIFO) carton and case flow system.
  • Hassle-free adaptation: Should inventory storage needs change, hybrid systems allow for seamless adaptability, eliminating the need for a complete system redesign.
  • Faster inventory replenishment: The ability to customize the placement of different rotation and racking types, such as a push back system above a carton and case flow system, offers the option to use one level for picking and the other for storage and replenishing, speeding up inventory refills.
  • Versatile design: Opting for a hybrid system ensures a flexible solution to house multiple products arranged according to demand.
  • Increased efficiency: Hybrid systems enable companies to place storage racking systems for different products and materials in areas that make picking and storing fast, straightforward, and more efficient, reducing travel time, minimizing costs, and increasing productivity.
  • Space saving: The ability to place systems above others, such as combining a drive-in racking system at floor level with a push back racking system above, saving floor space while incorporating the required storage solutions.
  • Cost saving: Hybrid rack systems help to minimize operational costs through efficient picking paths and processes and maximized use of storage space.


Choose Twinlode Automation for Hybrid Pallet Racking System Solutions


Twinlode Automation offers decades of experience and several options we can integrate into a tailored hybrid configuration for our customers. These system solutions include:


Increase space utilization with Cantilever racking.

Other Racking Solutions

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At Twinlode Automation, we have provided customers with premium pallet racking and automation system solutions for four decades, giving our team ample experience and knowledge in the field. Should your cold storagefood and beverage, or agricultural storage facility need an effective and efficient hybrid pallet racking system, our team will conduct a comprehensive site inspection to determine your business’s needs. We will also provide a quote for a tailored, cost-effective solution to suit your operation.


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