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The Inventors of the original and acclaimed “Twinlode” Double-Wide Pallet Rack Storage Systems.

The term “Twinlode” is unanimously known in the material handling industry for Double Wide Drive In racking systems. The origins of the name can be traced back to a monumental project commissioned for a world-leading beverage company over 20 years ago. It was this project and solution, that globally revolutionized the way distribution centers and warehouses store palletized inventory in food and beverage industries.

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Twinlode Automation is a leader in the material handling industry, leveraging over 40 years of experience to provide clients with complete storage solutions for total warehouse management. Twinlode Automation offers both traditional pallet rack systems and automated solutions to help customers overcome supply chain and logistical challenges in a variety of industries such as food and beverage and others across the supply chain.



To be a leading integrator in material handling by delivering scalable and efficient supply chain solutions.





Our mission is to provide value and excellence for our customers by delivering best-in-class material handling solutions.



Core Values


  • Customer Focused: We are committed to delivering exceptional value for our customers, by actively listening and consulting to the needs of their business. We acknowledge that our customers are the key reason for our success.


  • Safety: Safety requires a personal commitment from all levels of our organization. We aim to keep both our employees and customers safe.


  • Integrity: We believe that integrity is foundational to all aspects of our business.


  • Excellence: We seek to provide and maintain the highest level of excellence for our customers and partnerships.


  • Collaboration: We seek to build lasting relationships with our customers and partners by working together to achieve a common goal.

From conception to completion, Twinlode offers material handling services which include consultation, design and implementation.

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