Over-Dock Door Pallet Racking

Convert Unused Space Into Pallet Storage

 Are you running out of storage locations in your warehouse? Over-dock pallet racking is a quick way to maximize the storage utilization in your facility, allowing for efficient storage and retrieval of empty pallets, cartons, and surplus inventory above overhead dock doors.


For every dock door in your facility, you could gain an extra 100 square feet of storage


Available in conventional rack or single-leg uprights, Over-Dock door racking can help to unclutter your dock and free up floor space for empty pallets.


Turn Wasted Space Into Effective Storage


For many warehouses, empty pallets and large deliveries occupy valuable floor space and reduce operating areas. By utilizing the vertical wall space above dock doors with Over-Dock racking, you can begin to free up floor space in high-traffic areas while increasing the amount of storage locations available in your facility. To accommodate for dock door and forklift heights, horizontal beams will need to be set accordingly with proper clearances.


Our Over-Dock Door Pallet Racking Systems


Twinlode Automation offers two types of selective pallet racks, including:


Conventional Over-Dock Racking

  • Heavy-duty pallet storage


Single-Leg Over-Dock Racking

  • Offset design helps minimize forklift collisions
  • Allows more clearance for forklift traffic
  • Requires wall ties (supports) for structural integrity


Protect Your Investment With Safety Guards & Fall Protection


Rack Safety Guards

If opting for conventional over-dock racking, it is highly recommended to install upright guards on each aisle-facing column to protect and reinforce your racking in the event of a forklift collision. Not only do Safety Guards save you money in future rack repairs, but they also minimize the potential of operational down-time due to racking accidents. From an ROI perspective, the market rate for a rack safety guard is half the cost of labor to repair or replace a damaged upright.


Fall Protection

For both Conventional and Single-Leg Offset racking options, most over-the-dock door racking systems are designed with a gap between the rear upright and dock doors. While this gap is designed to accommodate dock door frames and motors, it can create a potential fall hazard for employees working underneath or near the racking system. When installing over-dock racking in your warehouse, it is highly recommended to install Fall Protection in the form of rack netting, pallet backstops, or mesh partitions.



Benefits of Over-Dock Door Storage


Over-Dock racking offers many advantages, such as:


  • Increased number of storage spaces
  • Saves valuable and usable floor space
  • Accessible storage locations
  • Maximizes vertical space in your facility
  • Storage for empty pallets


Best Practices


  • Limit storage to inventory that doesn’t require routine access
  • Ensure beam lengths work with dock door spacing
  • Eliminate any pallet overhang
  • Implement rack guarding to minimize potential damage from collisions
    • Column/Upright Guards
  • Install Fall Protection to minimize the possibility of any potential fall hazards
    • Rack Netting
    • Pallet Back-stops
    • Mesh Partitions
Pallet Racking with safety netting for Over-Dock Door in Warehouse.

Utilize vertical space over dock doors with racking for additional pallet storage.

Other Racking Solutions

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Over-Dock Door pallet racking systems free up high-traffic areas and creates additional pallet and empty pallet storage.


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