Pallet Flow rack increases product flow back to a picking position and is ideal for FIFO stock scenarios. Sloped shelves with rollers allow palletized loads to flow forward for easy picking. This is a great way to maximize storage space for single SKU lanes.


Twinlode Automation designs pallet flow systems to meet your specific needs, with options such as wheel type and size, wheel pattern configuration, simple braking or even heavy duty braking used in the deep lane systems. Pallet flow systems are the ideal combination of flexibility and adaptability that can be used in both large and small scale operations alike, and with fast moving, full pallet loads.


Pallet flow rack delivers maximum high density and selectivity solutions. It can be combined with other systems already in place to create integrated warehouse applications across multiple industry segments.




The primary application industries where pallet flow systems are practical include:



  • Double or single/double forklift can increase productivity up to 50%
  • Elimination of an additional upright for every pallet position increases density by up to 35%
  • Side by side pallet handling stabilizes the load and improves efficiency and safety
  • Loading and picking are done from opposite sides for first in/first out (FIFO) inventory retrieval
  • Gravity keeps pick faces full so retrieval speed is increased and honeycombing is eliminated
  • Increases pick productivity, designed for a large array of pick faces with a high volume of multiple SKU’s
  • Minimized footprint for high volume capacity
  • Saves labor costs by up to 75%
Gravity Pallet Flow Storage Solution

Maximize storage density in your warehouse or distribution center with Pallet Flow.

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