Agriculture in the modern age is developing at a rapid pace. A steadily increasing global population and shifting trade policies are having a significant impact on the supply chain and delivery of food products.


Today, we are facing challenges around food production to meet the demands of an ever-growing, massive population. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization predicts that we need to boost worldwide food production by 70 percent over the next several decades in order to feed the anticipated population of 2050.


When handling perishable produce, speed of delivery, airborne illness prevention, and reducing waste is paramount. Time and proper planning are of the essence where the majority of perishables have a critically short turnaround time between being harvested and being delivered to the store. If a warehouse is not where it should be in terms of efficiency, planning, and system integration, significant problems can arise including waste, loss of profitability, and at worst, bacterial contamination.


Meeting Challenges with Experience and Creative Solutions


With the correct warehouse planning and implementation, vulnerabilities can be mitigated and avoided. Twinlode Automation has the experience to source the correct solution for any project and has vision for scalable operations as they expand.


Automation is a growing trend across multiple industries, and agriculture is no exception. Growing demands on the industry are being met by labor shortages and rising costs for wages. In the face of these challenges, farmers are turning to technology to make their operations more efficient.


There is a pressing need to bring technology and agriculture together, to set the tone in the development of autonomous farming and bring products to market faster. Twinlode Automation is prepared to meet that need.


Our History


For more than 30 years, Twinlode Automation has provided storage solutions for warehouse management within the agriculture industry. Its complete storage solutions continue to help trim warehouse expenses and reduce handling costs, ultimately increasing productivity.


In the first half of 2019, Twinlode Automation worked with a large grower and processor of produce with headquarters in the U.S. and farms across the country and Mexico. This food processing company needed a complex system put in place that would help reduce waste, streamline its product transfer system and improve processing times.


Projects like these and many more demonstrate Twinlode Automation’s dedication to elevating its automation practice as the material handling and agriculture industries evolve.


Experience Agricultural Material Handling Solutions


Prevent temperature-sensitive products from spoilage and contamination by allowing Twinlode Automation to address your complex and critical logistical challenges. From high-performing palletization and layer picking, to warehouse and distribution conveyance, traditional pallet rack systems, and fully automated storage and retrieval systems, Twinlode Automation operates to solve the pain points of your operations by designing and implementing fully customized turnkey solutions to optimize your supply chain.


What Is Automation in the Agriculture Industry?


Automated material handling equipment for the agriculture industry is designed to streamline repetitive warehousing operations to better meet customer demands. By reducing the need for manual operations, these systems improve process accuracy, safety, and efficiency while minimizing labor costs.


Fully automated agriculture material handling equipment uses innovative technologies to replace manual material handling methods with machine handling. The automation solutions for the agriculture industry Twinlode Automation provides include:


  • Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS)
  • Layer picking
  • Palletizing
  • Automated guided vehicle (AGV) rack systems
  • Conveyors


Benefits of Using Pallet Rack Solutions in Agriculture


Agricultural organizations that use pallet racking systems in their facilities can expect to experience many significant advantages:


  • Space optimization: Pallet racking solutions enable users to maximize storage capacity by utilizing vertical space.
  • Faster order fulfillment: Agriculture material handling systems transport products seamlessly through the warehouse, improving throughput and increasing overall efficiency.
  • Minimized product damage: Racking solutions are highly durable and facilitate safe storage, reducing the risk of product loss.
  • Flexibility: With so many pallet racking configurations available, agricultural facilities can choose the systems that best serve their individualized needs.

Ready to find a solution?

Our Solutions for Produce and Agriculture


Twinlode Automation implements agricultural material handling equipment for customers, enabling them to optimize their facilities with customization capabilities. We integrate several custom pallet racking systems that are ideal for organizations in the agriculture industry. When customers come to Twinlode Automation for pallet racking solutions for their farming and warehouse operations, we can fulfill their requirements and capacity needs.


We offer the following pallet racking products for facilities that store farm-produced goods:

Warehouse Pallet Storage using Selective Racking

Selective Storage


Selective storage racks are among the most common solutions for warehouses due to their low pallet storage capacities, enabling users to easily access stored pallets at any time. These racks use a first-in, first-out (FIFO) system to ensure efficient turnover of any perishable SKUs with limited shelf lives.

Gravity Pallet Flow Storage Solution

Pallet Flow


Pallet flow racks move products to the picking position using a combination of sloped shelving and rollers, facilitating the flow of palletized loads and allowing for easier picking.

High Density dual-wide Drive In (Drive-in) Pallet Storage System

Drive In/Drive Thru


These systems are designed for high-density, limited lane storage. Drive-in systems are one-sided and facilitate last-in, first-out (LIFO) inventory management, while drive-thru racking is two-sided with FIFO inventory management.

Case/Carton Flow


Case flow racking uses an inclined conveyor to move cases along a sloped plane.

Push Back Pallet Racking in Distribution Center

Push Back


These racks allow users to deep-store two to six pallets at once while facilitating access to various SKUs with high throughput. The pallets are positioned on a free-rolling carriage, moving them up and down angled rails during loading and unloading.

Leverage Efficiency in the Agriculture Industry at Twinlode Automation


Companies can take advantage of material handling solultions from Twinlode Automation. With decades spent helping customers achieve total warehouse management, we are the material handling integrator companies can trust.


Ready to find a solution for your warehouse or distribution center? Contact us to learn more about our material handling solutions!