Automated Palletizing Systems


As concerns for growth, speed, efficiency, and scalability increase, the need for automated palletizing systems grows larger for operations seeking to increase productivity, synchronize production to distribution operations, and yield a high return on investment. Automated palletizers stack items onto a pallet in a pattern that will keep the product stable and protected. The completed pallets are used for storage or shipping.


Twinlode Automation offers fully automatic robotic palletizing systems to businesses looking to achieve high throughput, faster cycle times, and greater pick accuracy. Known for optimizing the production line, palletizing systems are proven to increase efficiencies for moderate to heavy activity facilities.


Types of Palletizing Systems


Automatic palletizers stack products using unit load, the most efficient assembly of materials for handling. Palletizing systems create single, large units for moving finished goods, which is more economical than handling and shipping individual boxes separately.


Palletizing systems are available in these types:


  • Robotic arm: Robotic systems have a palletizer between the conveyor line and the pallet dispenser.
  • Inline: Inline systems stack one layer of a product at a time.
  • Conveyorized: Conveyorized systems use conveyors to transfer and sort products onto pallets.


Benefits of Automated Palletizing


Palletizing robots offer several advantages for warehouses, including:


  • Increases accuracy and efficiency: Palletizing stacks multiple items into a single bundle based on volume and weight.
  • Decreases accidents on the job site: Automated palletizing is safer and faster in the workplace. Manual palletizing requires workers to load items onto pallets, which can lead to physical strain for heavy products and product damage for delicate units. Palletizing robots eliminate the burden of heavy materials on the human workforce.
  • Maximizes output: Automated palletizing systems load and unload products faster, increasing output and efficiency.
  • Better product protection: Manual palletizing risks product integrity due to incorrectly placed or misaligned products. An automatic robot palletizing system sorts, transfers, and stacks units the same way every time, creating stable loads that are less likely to get damaged.


Palletizing Robot Applications


Palletizing solutions are used for manufacturing production lines and fulfillment operations for tasks such as distributing, warehousing, packaging and shipping. The automation features make an automated palletizer ideal for mid- to high-range needs. Palletizers are often part of a packaging process that includes sorting, weighing, metal detection, labeling, wrapping, and counting.


Inline palletizers are best for production lines for a single product type, such as bottles or cans. Robotic arm systems are made for products of any size, shape, and weight.


How to Operate a Palletizing System


With an automatic robot palletizing system, a robotic arm lifts the product off the conveyor line and places it on the pallet. The robot continues this action, stacking the units in perfect rows, layer by layer.


With an inline robot palletizing system, the robot organizes a row of products at a time, then stacks more products on top of the rows until the pallet is complete.


For a conveyorized pallet system, the roller conveyors deliver the unit to the palletizer, and the product is transferred and sorted onto a pallet. Conveyorized systems are available for low-level and high-level loads.

Automated robotic palletizing and depalletizing systems in action, efficiently handling product stacking and destacking

(Images courtesy of NūMove Robotics & Vision)

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Palletizing systems improve warehouse efficiency and product protection. With a properly designed system for the application, facilities can achieve improved operational efficiency and throughput while lowering costs.


Twinlode Automation has more than 40 years of experience integrating palletizing and other automated solutions. We also offer professional services for implementation, consultation, and design.


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