Warehouse Permitting

Warehouse racking permits ensure optimal safety in the warehouse by verifying that material handling equipment meets the minimum standards established by the building code, local zoning laws, and the fire department. Though these permits are necessary, acquiring them can be extensive. When facilities partner with industry leaders to obtain these documents, they can expect top-quality assistance throughout the process.


Twinlode Automation offers warehouse permitting services to help companies confirm they have everything they need in their facilities for their pallet racks and other material handling equipment. We are proud to use our extensive experience to assist organizations in the food and beveragecold storage, and agriculture industries.


Our Warehouse Permitting Services

At Twinlode Automation, we have the knowledge and expertise to help businesses obtain the proper racking permits for their warehouses quickly and seamlessly. Our team of experts can secure permits for a wide range of material handling equipment, from conveyors to pallet flow racks to selective storage solutions. Whether a company is installing a new racking system or upgrading an old one, we will ensure they have the approvals they need to move forward.


Our warehouse professionals will tackle all warehouse permitting steps so our customers do not have to:


  1. Provide warehouse drawings: We create computer-aided design (CAD) drawings to depict the dimensions and locations of our customers’ racking systems in relation to their aisles, beams, ingresses, and egresses.
  2. Get structural calculations: Seismic calculations are necessary for estimating the racking system’s load limits.
  3. Fill out permit forms: Our team will gather the required information, fill out the necessary forms, submit all documentation, and work with local governments to process the permit.
  4. Install racking: After the permit receives approval, we will implement the racking systems according to local codes.
  5. Book inspections: Once the systems are installed, we will conduct an independent inspection to verify proper installation.
  6. Acquire permit: If the inspection is successful, the company will receive its permit and may use the racking system.


The Permitting Process

Building codes vary widely between local jurisdictions, and civil codes and fire codes receive frequent updates from the International Code Council (ICC). Twinlode Automation handles the complexities of permitting to provide more ease and peace of mind for warehouse owners. The permitting process includes:


  • Determining permitting requirements for the relevant municipality and system compliance
  • Providing stamped and sealed drawings for local, state, and fire authority approval
  • Ensuring appropriate documentation is filed with the city
  • Scheduling and coordinating any required special inspections and the final signoff


Why Is Warehouse Permitting Important?

Warehouse permitting is necessary for any company that plans to install a pallet racking system, as these approvals have several crucial functions:


  • Minimizing product damage: Permits for warehouse racking systems ensure that the equipment will not damage products and materials within the facility due to improper installation or lack of structural integrity.
  • Promoting employee safety: Without the permitting process, there is no way to know whether a company’s material handling equipment is safe, functional, and secure, potentially putting employees at risk of accidents and injuries.
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance: Warehouse racking permits are required for all racking systems that measure 5 feet, 9 inches or taller. Those who install racking without a permit may be ordered to apply for a permit, or worse — they may be forced to take their systems down and pay a fine.


Obtain Pallet Racking Permits at Twinlode Automation

For warehouse permit services from material handling industry leaders, choose Twinlode Automation. We are proud of our ability to deliver implementation, design, engineering, and project management services for best-in-class material handling solutions. With over 40 years of experience, we are the experts that companies can trust.


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