Layer Picking


Layer picking systems are the new industry standard by allowing for high-volume staging and mixing centers. As the modern supply chain evolves and becomes more intelligent, automated layer picking is elevating operational efficiencies by allowing businesses to take on higher volumes of orders, reducing levels of human error, and allowing for great speed, accuracy, and flexibility.


In partnership with Korber Supply Chain, Twinlode Automation offers the best-in-class layer picking technologies to businesses in North America ready to take on next gen capable throughput speeds and order accuracy. From large operation Gantry robots designed for access to expanding SKU volumes, to specialized articulated robots for affordability, Korber’s LayerPicker is constructed with suction and clamping mechanics to gently and efficiently handle an array of products. With more than 500 LayerPicker’s installed world-wide, Twinlode Automation is proud to serve these systems for businesses looking to automate the process of building rainbow pallets and also improve efficiencies within their warehouse and distribution centers.


Using a unique, patended combination of suction and clamping mechanics, LayerPicker systems from Korber Supply Chain can automatically build rainbow pallets and improve operational efficiencies within warehouses and distribution centers.




  • Just-in-time order fulfillment
  • Improved pick accuracy
  • Increased pick rates as compared to manual case picking
  • Ability to pick one or multiple layers within one action
  • Reduction of errors
  • Integration with warehouse management software (WMS) systems
  • High-volume staging and order selection
  • Can pick up 98 percent of all product types in food retail
Robotic Layer Picker to Build Mixed Load Pallets

Automated Layer Picking for building mixed pallets with increased throughput and pick accuracy.

Introducing the K.Handle Layer Picker Product Portfolio

available in Robot, Gantry, and Hoist


The K.Handle Layer Picker Robot (previously known as the Flex-R) offers fast, flexible, scalable and reliable handling. Suitable for many logistics operations, this standalone unit allows for up to eight pick and drop positions.



  • Minimal height requirement 
  • Fits into many supply chain applications
  • Economical choice for building mixed pallets
  • An efficient and flexible solution that fits into many supply chain solutions
The Robot (Flex-R) Layer Picking is a material handling solution for Efficiently Building Rainbow Mixed Pallets


Rendering of Gantry Layer Picker Solution to Efficiently Build Rainbow Mixed Pallets

The Gantry LayerPicker is an overhead solution that allows for high volume mixing and staging. This system is operational in both ambient and deep-freeze environments, down to -19°F (−28°C).



  • Increased availability
  • Operational in temperature-controlled (cold storage) environments
  • Can be built and customized to almost any size per operational needs
  • High-volume pallet-to-pallet handling
  • Can be extended with a pallet-to-descrambler solutions


The K.Handle Hoist provides a simple, yet reliable de-palletizing and picking functionality. The Layer Picker Hoist incorporates a minimal footprint and adaptable design that operates on two levels, lifting pallets to the working mezzanine level.



  • Works in temperature controlled environments, down to -19°F (−28°C)
  • Minimal footprint
  • High-volume de-scrambling
Two level Layer Picker Hoist for simple and reliable depalletizing and picking


Question: What is layer picking? 

Answer: Layer picking is an order picking process that is utilized for high-volume staging or mixing centers. In the past, this process was done manually or via special forklift attachments. In today’s smart warehouse, the layer picking process is now fully automated to reduce human error, increase pick accuracy, and fulfill orders at higher speeds.


Question: What is the Layer Picker’s lifting capacity? 

Answer: The lifting capacity varies across the Layer Picker family of products. The standalone Robot can lift 825 lbs per layer, while the Gantry and Hoist can lift 150+ lbs per layer more than the standalone unit. 

Full Specs: 

Robot: Up to 825 lbs per layer (375 kg)

Gantry: Up to 992 lbs per layer (450 kg)

Hoist: Up to 992 lbs per layer (450 kg) 


Question: What temperatures can the Layer Picker operate in? 

Answer: The Layer Picker can operate in both ambient and temperature-controlled environments down to -19°F (−28°C).  

Full Specs: 

Robot: 35°F to 95°F (0°C to 35°C). Optional upgrade to 104°F (40°C).

Gantry: -19°F to 95°F (-28°C to 35°C). Optional upgrade to 104°F (40°C).

Hoist: -19°F to 95°F (-28°C to 35°C). Optional upgrade to 104°F (40°C). 


Question: What industries is layer picking suited for? 

Answer: Layer picking is becoming the industry standard for highly dynamic sectors such as food, beverage, and cold storage.  


Question: What is the picking accuracy of the Layer Picker? 

Answer: Based on previous customer installs, Koerber Supply Chain’s Layer Picker boasts a 99.9% pick accuracy. 


Question: What type of products are suitable for the Layer Picker? 

Answer: The Layer Picker picks up to 98% of all food retail products.  

  • Fragile products 
  • Light products 
  • Heavy products (up to 793 lbs) 
  • Tiny cartons 
  • Display cartons 
  • Open crates 
  • Plastic totes 
  • PET 
  • Layers with voids 
  • Multiple layers 
  • Empty pallets 
  • Various pallet types 
  • Slip sheets 


Question: What applications is the Layer Picker Robot suitable for? 

Answer: Previously known as the Flex-R, the Robot provides fast, flexible and scalable handling for building mixed-SKU pallets. With up to eight pick and drop positions, this economical technology is well suited in most logistics solutions. 

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