Automated Layer Pickers


Layer picking systems are the new industry standard by allowing for high-volume staging and mixing centers. As the modern supply chain evolves and becomes more intelligent, automated layer pickers are elevating operational efficiencies by allowing businesses to take on higher volumes of orders, reducing levels of human error, and allowing for great speed, accuracy, and flexibility.


In partnership with Korber Supply Chain, Twinlode Automation offers the best-in-class layer picking technologies to businesses in North America ready to take on next gen capable throughput speeds and order accuracy. From large operation Gantry robots designed for access to expanding SKU volumes, to specialized articulated robots for affordability, Korber’s LayerPicker is constructed with suction and clamping mechanics to gently and efficiently handle an array of products. With more than 500 LayerPicker’s installed world-wide, Twinlode Automation is proud to serve these systems for businesses looking to automate the process of building rainbow pallets and also improve efficiencies within their warehouse and distribution centers.


Using a unique, patended combination of suction and clamping mechanics, LayerPicker systems from Korber Supply Chain can automatically build rainbow pallets and improve operational efficiencies within warehouses and distribution centers.



Benefits of Automated Layer Picking

Industrial layer picking automation offers many advantages, including:


  • Higher pick rates compared to manual case picking
  • Improved pick accuracy
  • Fewer pick errors
  • The ability to pick multiple layers
  • The ability to integrate with warehouse management software (WMS)


Layer picker systems support just-in-time (JIT) order fulfillment and high-volume order and staging selections.

Robotic Layer Picker to Build Mixed Load Pallets

Automated Layer Picking for building mixed pallets with increased throughput and pick accuracy.

K.Handle Layer Picker Products

The layer picker systems by Körber Supply Chain improve operational efficiency in warehouses. Options include:

Layer Picker Robot

The layer picker robot is a fast and scalable handling solution that can operate in eight pick-and-drop positions. It is an efficient layer picking option for mixed SKUs in supply chain operations.


The K.Handle Layer Picker Robot (previously known as the Flex-R) offers fast, flexible, scalable and reliable handling. Suitable for many logistics operations, this standalone unit allows for up to eight pick and drop positions.



  • Minimal height requirement 
  • Fits into many supply chain applications
  • Economical choice for building mixed pallets
  • An efficient and flexible solution that fits into many supply chain solutions
The Robot (Flex-R) Layer Picking is a material handling solution for Efficiently Building Rainbow Mixed Pallets

Gantry Layer Picker

Rendering of Gantry Layer Picker Solution to Efficiently Build Rainbow Mixed Pallets

The gantry layer picker operates overhead for high-volume staging, mixing, and pallet-to-pallet handling. It is operational in cold storage environments and has customizable options.



  • Increased availability
  • Operational in temperature-controlled (cold storage) environments
  • Can be built and customized to almost any size per operational needs
  • High-volume pallet-to-pallet handling
  • Can be extended with a pallet-to-descrambler solutions

Layer Picker Hoist

The layer picker hoist is used for de-palletizing, de-scrambling, and picking in high-volume applications. It operates on two levels and has a minimal footprint.



  • Works in temperature controlled environments, down to -19°F (−28°C)
  • Minimal footprint
  • High-volume de-scrambling
Two level Layer Picker Hoist for simple and reliable depalletizing and picking

Layer Picking and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

Combining layer picking systems with AMR solutions can streamline material handling needs for operations of all sizes. The AMR connects to a warehouse control system (WCS) for automating movement, picking up source pallets, and moving them to a picking area. After the picking process, the AMR can move the pallets to outfeed, wrapping, and labeling stations.

Layer Picking FAQs

What Is Layer Picking?

Layer picking is an order picking process to manage multiple layers simultaneously. It is ideal for high-volume mixing and staging centers that build mixed-SKU pallets. Layer picking robots complete this process automatically for higher accuracy and fulfillment rates.


What Is the Layer Picker’s Lifting Capacity?

The lifting capacity of layer pickers varies by product:

  • Layer picker robots: 825 pounds per layer
  • Gantry layer picker: 992 pounds per layer
  • Layer picker hoist: 992 pounds per layer


What Are the Operational Temperatures for the Layer Picker?

Layer picker robots are functional in ambient and temperature-controlled environments. The standalone layer picker robot operates between 35 degrees Fahrenheit and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The gantry layer picker and layer picker hoist have operational temperatures of minus 19 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. These solutions have optional upgrades to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.


Which Industries Benefit From Layer Picking?

Layer pickers are beneficial for industries such as cold storagefood and beverage and agriculture.


What Is the Picking Accuracy of the Layer Picker?

Layer pickers are highly accurate automated solutions for warehouses. The layer picker by Körber Supply Chain has a 99.9% pick accuracy according to the previous customer installs.


What Types of Products Are Compatible With the Layer Picker?

Layer pickers are compatible with up to 98% of products in the food retail industry, such as:

  • Fragile items
  • Empty pallets
  • Cartons
  • Plastic totes
  • Open crates


Looking for more information about layer picking? Read our Guide To Layer Picking for more information.

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Layer picking robots improve pick accuracy and modernize rainbow pallet creation. With more than 40 years of experience optimizing warehouse spaces and operations, Twinlode Automation offers support through professional services such as warehouse design, project management, implementation, and customer support.


Contact us to learn how automated layer pickers can streamline mixed-SKU pallet creation and order fulfillment for your operation.

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