Layer Picking


Layer picking systems are the new industry standard by allowing for high-volume staging and mixing centers. As the modern supply chain evolves and becomes more intelligent, layer picking systems are elevating operational efficiencies by allowing businesses to take on higher volumes of order picking, reduce level of human error, and allowing for great speed, accuracy, and flexibility.


In partnership with Korber Supply Chain, Twinlode Automation offers the best-in-class layer picking technologies to businesses in North America ready to take on next gen capable throughput speeds and order accuracy. From large operation Gantry robots designed for access to expanding SKU volumes, to specialized articulated robots for affordability, Korber’s LayerPicker is constructed with suction and clamping mechanics to gently and efficiently handle an array of products. With more than 500 LayerPicker’s installed world-wide, Twinlode Automation is proud to serve these systems for businesses looking to automate the process of building rainbow pallets and also improve efficiencies within their warehouse and distribution centers.


Using a unique, patended combination of suction and clamping mechanics, LayerPicker systems from Korber Supply Chain can automatically build rainbow pallets and improve operational efficiencies within warehouses and distribution centers.




  • Just-in-time order fulfillment
  • Improved pick accuracy
  • Increased pick rates as compared to manual case picking
  • Ability to pick one or multiple layers within one action
  • Reduction of errors
  • Integration with warehouse management software systems
  • High-volume staging and order selection

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