Automated Layer Pickers


Layer picking systems are the new industry standard by allowing for high-volume staging and mixing centers. As the modern supply chain evolves and becomes more intelligent, automated layer pickers are elevating operational efficiencies by allowing businesses to take on higher volumes of orders, reducing levels of human error, and allowing for great speed, accuracy, and flexibility.


Twinlode Automation offers the best-in-class layer picking technologies to businesses ready to take on next gen capable throughput speeds and order accuracy. From large operation gantry robots designed for access to expanding SKU volumes, to specialized articulated robots for affordability, modern warehouses are adopting layer picking technology to keep up with increased demand for mixed-SKU, rainbow pallets. Twinlode Automation is proud to serve these systems for businesses looking to automate the process of building rainbow pallets and improve efficiencies within their warehouse and distribution centers.

Automated Layer Picking Robot Building mixed-SKU pallets in warehouse

Automated Layer Picking for building mixed-SKU pallets with increased throughput and pick accuracy.

Benefits of Automated Layer Picking

Industrial layer picking automation offers many advantages, including:


  • Higher pick rates compared to manual case picking
  • Improved pick accuracy
  • Fewer pick errors
  • The ability to pick multiple layers
  • The ability to integrate with warehouse management software (WMS)


Layer picker systems support just-in-time (JIT) order fulfillment and high-volume order and staging selections.

Layer Picking and Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

Combining layer picking systems with ASRS solotions can streamline material handling needs for operations of all sizes.

Contact Us to Determine if Automated Layer Picking Is Right for Your Business

Layer picking robots improve pick accuracy and modernize rainbow pallet creation. With more than 40 years of experience optimizing warehouse spaces and operations, Twinlode Automation offers support through professional services such as warehouse design, project management, implementation, and customer support.


Contact us to learn how automated layer pickers can streamline mixed-SKU pallet creation and order fulfillment for your operation.

Other Automated Solutions

Automated robotic palletizing and depalletizing systems in action, efficiently handling product stacking and destacking

(Images courtesy of NūMove Robotics & Vision)