Pallet Rack Repairs

Many factors can damage pallet racks within a warehouse, such as forklift collisions, overloaded racks, and harsh environmental conditions. While racking system damage can be common, it is not something to be ignored. Without the proper repairs, a facility’s pallet racks may collapse, causing serious injuries, product damage, and operational downtime. It is vital to schedule pallet rack repair services at the first sign of damage.


Twinlode Automation offers expert rack repair services for companies in cold storageagriculture, and food and beverage industries. We are trusted leaders in the material handling industry with over 40 years of experience.


Common Issues Requiring Pallet Rack Repair


Some of the issues the professionals at Twinlode Automation will look for during an inspection include:


  • Leaning frames: Leaning racking systems cannot tolerate their intended capacities, putting them at risk of collapse.
  • Damaged decking: Decking that has missing pieces, dips, or jagged edges can damage materials and injure workers.
  • Overloaded beams or frames: Overloading these structures or unevenly distributing materials can cause them to bow or lean.
  • Missing or damaged components: Components like crossbars, wall ties, and pallet stops fortify the rack structure and should be immediately replaced upon loss or damage.
  • Buckled or bent uprights: Even the slightest upright buckle or bend can impact a pallet rack’s strength.
  • Bent braces: Braces can become damaged over time as products are loaded onto the rack.
  • Missing, broken, or loose anchors: Anchors that are missing or insecure can compromise upright anchoring.
  • Damaged footplates: Twisted or sheared footplates can lead to rack collapses.
  • Strut damage: Damaged struts can include missing or ripped braces, broken welds, tears, or deflection.


Our Pallet Rack Inspections


Even the slightest flaw in a pallet racking system can pose significant safety risks. That is why organizations should inspect their pallet racks annually or quarterly for racks with a higher potential for damage.


Our rack safety inspections are conducted in accordance with safety standards and best practices set by the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI). By following the RMI national guidelines, we can identify all potential risks based on priority and recommend additional action items to ensure compliance, promote safe work areas for employees, and minimize system downtime.


We pinpoint and address potential pallet rack damage to ensure optimal workplace safety through our pallet rack inspections. Some of the many racking conditions we assess include:


  • Misaligned racks.
  • Overloaded racks.
  • Rust and corrosion.
  • Bent or damaged uprights.
  • Dented or deflected load beams.
  • Racking capacity.
  • Fully secured footplates.
  • Damaged beam connections.
  • Loose connections or anchors
  • Defective or missing beam clips on roll formed beams.
  • Netting to protect pedestrian walkways.
  • Wire decking that is experiencing “point loading”.
  • Tek screw down wire decking.
  • Determine proper load capacity via licensed PE assessment.


Why Are Pallet Rack Repairs Important?


Companies that invest in pallet rack repairs can expect the following benefits:


  • Preventing injuries: Repair services ensure that pallet racks are sturdy and safe, protecting workers from rack-related injuries and accidents.
  • Minimizing downtime: Racking system collapses can create major downtime for companies, and pallet rack repairs help ensure that these collapses do not occur.
  • Avoiding product loss: Verifying that pallet racks are in peak condition prevents product damage and losses.
  • Saving money: Pallet rack collapses can result in significant expenses that can be avoided with repair services.
  • Gaining peace of mind: Rack repairs give companies and their employees peace of mind knowing their structures are secure.


Invest in Racking System Repair Services From Twinlode Automation


For dependable pallet rack repairs from industry experts, choose Twinlode Automation. Customers who come to us can take advantage of our storage solution implementation, design, project management, and engineering abilities. Our mission is to provide our customers with best-in-class material handling solutions delivered with value and excellence in mind.


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