Cantilever provides an efficient solution to organizing and storing bulk items as these racks increase space utilization. They are available single-sided or double-sided and are customizable in a variety of capacities and sizes to meet your specific storage needs.


Cantilever racking systems are ideal for storage of bulky, oversized, long or oddly shaped materials such as pipe, bar, round and square tubing, steel angle, lumber, poles, steel plate, wood, sheet steel, structural steel, etc. Cantilever racking allows easy loading and removal of such items with a variety of heights, widths, depths and weight.


Cantilever is beam anchored at one end only, meaning the load is held by the arm which transfers the load to the supporting upright beam/base.


Twinlode Automation can design completely adjustable cantilever racking to solve storage problems, delivering a fast, convenient solution to handling heavy, long unwieldy materials. Made from heavy-duty steel, tubes, bars, structurals and other long heavy items can be stored, raised off the floor, and bases can provide for extra storage. The arms and bases make for easy loading and unloading by forklifts and instant accessibility to either one piece or an entire load. For longer materials, braces and uprights can be added to fit any requirements.



  • Protects and prevents damage to long items
  • Expand valuable floor space by repositioning products off the ground and onto racks
  • Offers greater storage capacity and efficiency in storing long items
  • Excellent for storing items of non-uniform size and length
  • No vertical obstructions
  • Ideal for storing long, bulky or odd shaped items
  • Typical loads are carpet rolls, lumber, furniture, pipes, tubing, tires, textiles, and more
  • Can be outfitted with safety accessories such as guide rails and entrance guards
Cantilever Racking for Storage of Bulky and Odd-shaped Products

Increase space utilization with Cantilever racking.

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