Over-Dock Door Pallet Racking Guide

Over Dock Pallet Racking Guide

Over-Dock Door Pallet Racking Guide

Over-dock door racking can help to unclutter a dock and free up floor space for empty pallets. It’s available in conventional rack, single-leg uprights, or ceiling-supported to fit your needs. Investing in secure over-dock storage improves warehouse efficiency and safety for a more productive operation. With good storage strategies, you can customize your warehouse space to your needs without spending resources on additional warehouse space. Learn the best practices and things to keep in mind when designing over-dock door storage.


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What Is Over-Dock Door Storage?

Over-dock pallet racking is an effective strategy for maximizing the storage in your existing facility. It allows for efficient retrieval and storage of surplus inventory, cartons, and empty pallets above overhead dock doors. Over-dock racks sit above your warehouse door system, creating multiple secure layers of storage space. The racks are securely held in place, holding product in place and out of the way.

What Is Over-Dock Storage?Over-Dock Door Racking Benefits

Investing in over-dock doors provides your warehouse with substantial efficiency and storage benefits. High-quality over-dock door systems will save time, money, and storage space. Some of the benefits you can expect when you install over-dock doors include:

  • More accessible storage spaces
  • Convenient empty pallet storage
  • Maximized vertical space
  • Efficient use of essential floor space
  • Increased available storage space

The out-of-the-way design of over-dock storage means you can put non-essential materials out of the way. Storing items above your dock door frees up the warehouse floor and keeps tripping or safety hazards out of the way until you need them. These docks securely hold items in place, preventing them from tipping or falling and harming warehouse personnel.

Investing in over-dock storage systems will create a safer, more efficient warehouse space.

Over-Dock Door Best Practices

When it comes to investing in over-dock door pallet racking, be sure to get the most out of your investment. You want to maximize cost-effectiveness and safety in your warehouse. These practices will reduce liability, product damage and personnel safety risks. Take full advantage of your over-dock storage system by following these best practices:

  • Limit storage to inventory that does not require routine access.
  • Ensure beam lengths work with dock door spacing.
  • Eliminate any pallet overhang.
  • Implement rack guarding to minimize potential damage from collisions using column or upright guards.
  • Install fall protection to minimize the possibility of any potential fall hazards with pallet backstops, rack netting, and mesh partitions.

Things To Keep In Mind When Designing Over-Dock Door Storage

Over-dock door pallet racks go up and tear down easily. However, be sure to consider these conditions when finding the right installation space for these structures in your existing facility. Since over-dock systems store product overhead, it’s essential to employ safe storage practices to protect your personnel.

Turn Radius

Several machines travel in and out of a warehouse’s dock doors every day. Once inside, forklift traffic needs space to turn for loading and unloading purposes. If the available space is tight, consider selecting an offset option to allow for extra room and prevent accidents. A too-tight turn radius can lead to safety hazards and equipment damage.

Safety Guards

Deciding to add upright safety guards cannot prevent an accident from happening, but they can help soften the damage. Upright safety guards provide reinforcement and protection to over-dock door storage systems while reducing damage costs. Investing in safety guards and protective systems upfront reduces long-term risk and expenses, improving your warehouse conditions.

Fall Protection Space

Fall protection should be a priority when installing uprights. Keeping sufficient fall protection space further reduces the risk of fall damage or bodily harm. Be sure to leave enough space away from the dock doors to add the best fall protection for the racking system.

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