Twinlode Automation Provides Warehouse Automation To A.B Beverage

The personnel transfer device made for A.B. Beverage

The personnel transfer device made for A.B. Beverage

Sept. 24, 2018 – San Diego – Twinlode Automation, a leading supplier of high density storage systems and integration services, announced today that its long term relationship with A.B. Beverage, a distributor for Anheuser-Busch, continues to strengthen as it brings new safety solutions as well as its trusted warehouse planning into the future.  To see what Twinlode Automation is doing for A.B. Beverage and get a better understanding of the breadth of services and solutions the company provides, please visit booth #300 at this week’s NBWA Annual Conference in San Diego.

As distribution centers continue to evolve with both consumer demand as well as diversity of product, beer makers and distributors alike need to continually reevaluate their warehouse solutions as well as the increased safety considerations for warehouse environments.  Twinlode Automation goes beyond a simple solution provider to give recommendations as well as implementation strategies to customers in the beverage industry.  The company has remained at the forefront of these trends and has been working with A.B. Beverage on implementing new features in its warehouse to ensure a higher level of employee safety.

“Twinlode Automation prides itself in its longstanding customer relationships, and A.B. Beverage is a great example of a company that is always looking to improve efficiencies as well as implement strategies that can safeguard employees in a beverage warehouse environment,” said Lawrence Eastman, CEO of Twinlode Automation. “We have recently worked on implementing a new personnel transfer device for A.B. Beverage that will assist them in solving jams within pushback racks and alleviating the potential for injury as a result.”

The personnel transfer device, which is in the process of being implemented in the Atlanta location, is a cage-type unit that carries a safely held employee into aisles where pallets are jammed.   A continual problem in the industry, many beverage companies are searching for options that can solve safety problems such as these.  Twinlode Automation goes beyond warehouse solutions to give additional safety options to solve real-world problems.

Twinlode Corporation has been a leader in the material handling industry for more than 30 years, providing complete storage solutions for total warehouse management. Its offering includes consulting, designing and implementing solutions from concept to completion for a host of industries.  Twinlode leverages its expertise and success in the global economy to create warehousing environments that suit the needs of its customers.  Twinlode’s patented systems are in use around the world and have been the solution to companies with diverse needs.


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Twinlode Automation is a leader in the material handling industry, leveraging over 30 years of experience to provide clients with complete storage solutions for total warehouse management. Twinlode Automation offers both traditional pallet rack systems and automated solutions to help customers overcome supply chain and logistical challenges in a variety of industries such as food and beverage and others across the supply chain. From conception to completion, Twinlode offers services which include consultation, design and implementation.

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