Case/Carton Flow and Craft Barrel Racking

Case/Carton Flow and Craft Barrel Racking

Las Vegas, Oct. 9, 2017 – Today, Twinlode Corporation, a leading supplier of high-density storage systems, announced that it has continued to grow in the beer industry. This progress comes as the company shifts its focus to further developing Twinlode as a complete material handling systems integrator for businesses globally.  The company’s Case/Carton Flow and Craft Barrel Racking are highly effective for beer producers and distributors that take warehouse rack and customize it for the beverage industry.

“Twinlode is proud to be at NBWA this year to show how our products add value, safety and innovation to beer producers and distributors globally.  Our tube rack also addresses how to move products quickly and efficiently in the warehouse environment, saving time and money,” commented Skip Eastman, CEO of Twinlode Corporation.

In addition to its focus on technology and innovation, Twinlode has generated two products in the beer industry that have accelerated the way beer companies operate. The Case/Carton Flow increases productivity and reserved space; it’s similar to a conveyor rack system, and it can pick from front case, keep reserve storage in rear cases, while it also offers wide rollers and full bed skate wheels optimize productivity. The Craft Barrel Racking can be utilized for a sixth barrel keg storage, while it can be configured up to four high to maximize density, and many pick faces allow the CBR to handle multiple SKU’s.

Twinlode will participate at NBWA in booth 1134 at Las Vegas, Nevada on October 8-11, 2017. The NBWA Annual Convention provides valuable educational programs and networking opportunities for the beer industry. The trade show introduces distributors to new brewers, products, innovative technologies and vendors who supply the materials needed to run operations.


About Twinlode Automation:

Twinlode Automation is a leader in the material handling industry, leveraging over 30 years of experience to provide clients with complete storage solutions for total warehouse management. Twinlode Automation offers both traditional pallet rack systems and automated solutions to help customers overcome supply chain and logistical challenges in a variety of industries such as food and beverage and others across the supply chain. From conception to completion, Twinlode offers services which include consultation, design and implementation.

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