Twinlode Corporation Appoints Lawrence “Skip” Eastman As CEO

Lawrence ‘Skip’ Eastman, CEO of Twinlode Corporation

Lawrence ‘Skip’ Eastman, CEO of Twinlode Corporation

SOUTH BEND, IN, Oct. 24, 2016 – Twinlode Corporation, a leading supplier of high density storage systems, announced today that Lawrence “Skip” Eastman has been promoted to the role of chief executive officer and president of the company. Eastman previously held the title of president at Twinlode Corporation where he excelled in his responsibilities including management, product development and both domestic and international sales.

Eastman’s promotion is a key component of Twinlode’s overall commitment to proactively seeking tactical opportunities with international customers, as a continuation of its efforts to expand the reach of its products and services globally. Eastman plans to further develop Twinlode as more than a superior product, but a complete global material handling integrator.

“I look forward to leading the charge in strategically executing Twinlode’s vision of continuing its global expansion,” said CEO and President of Twinlode Corporation, Lawrence Eastman. “My passion for the material handling industry has only grown throughout my career, and my hope is that this enthusiasm carries over to the leadership I provide to Twinlode.”

Dennis Hartman, who previously held the title of CEO, will continue to have an active role at the company as chairman of Twinlode Corporation’s board. Hartman, confident in a smooth transition of roles, commented, “Taking into consideration Skip’s exceptional experience and background, his strategic leadership and his contribution to the company’s rapid growth, there is no one else I could have imagined assuming the role as CEO.”

With more than 40 years in the material handling industry, Eastman has vast experience managing projects that encompass rack, ASRS, push back and flow-through storage systems. Twinlode Corporation is a leading supplier of high density storage rack systems, specializing in the beverage, produce and food processing industries.

Under Eastman’s leadership, the company has completed multiple implementations across the globe for the leading food and beverage companies in the world. Prior to Twinlode Corporation, he was vice president at Steel King Industries.


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