Twinlode Completes Two International Warehouse Automation Projects

Twinlode Automation Continues to Demonstrate Advances in Automation by Completing two Highly-Customized Installations

Twinlode Automation Continues to Demonstrate Advances in Automation by Completing two Highly-Customized Installations

Chicago – April 8, 2019 – Twinlode Automation, a leading supplier of high-density storage systems for warehouse management, today announced that it has completed two customized automation projects with companies that have international reach in the first half of 2019.  With additional projects in the works, Twinlode Automation is quickly achieving its objectives to elevate its automation practice as the material handling industry evolves.

The first project was for a cardboard manufacturer that required a complex transfer system allowing for four pallets to be moved in and out at a time, while integrating seamlessly with its existing warehouse management system.  This complex system needed to be customized to handle multiple length products for pallets in the same opening, but when it would be released onto the transfer unit, it needed to release four at a time, while maintaining a gap between the pallets.  The final product included a custom designed escapement to release the pallets that was very unique, and Twinlode Automation worked with the customer to ensure ultimate success.

In the company’s second project, Twinlode Automation worked with a large grower and processor of produce with headquarters in the U.S. and farms across the country and Mexico.  This food processing company needed a complex system put in place that would help reduce waste, streamline its product transfer system and improve processing times.  Twinlode Automation went to work and helped implement a system that handles totes as they move through the processing portion of the warehouse.  The end result was an automated system that moves produce via mobile transfer cars through flow through systems with specially designed escapement, which delivers them to the correct processing station.

“Twinlode Automation has been working very diligently since last year building its automation side of the business,” said Skip Eastman, CEO of Twinlode Automation.  “These projects, along with the strategic hires and a continued focus on our legacy racking systems will keep moving the company forward into the future of the warehouse environment.”

For more than 20 years, Twinlode Automation has provided storage solutions for warehouse management within the food and beverage industry. Its complete storage solutions continue to help trim warehouse expenses and reduce handling costs, ultimately increasing productivity.  Twinlode Automation serves many industries including automotive, beverage, building products, bulk product handling, dairy, food processing, food service, grocery, import/export facilities, perishable commodities, petroleum, chemicals and paints, pharmaceuticals, third-party logistics and more.

About Twinlode Automation:

Twinlode Automation is a leader in the material handling industry, leveraging over 30 years of experience to provide clients with complete storage solutions for total warehouse management. Twinlode Automation offers both traditional pallet rack systems and automated solutions to help customers overcome supply chain and logistical challenges in a variety of industries such as food and beverage and others across the supply chain. From conception to completion, Twinlode offers services which include consultation, design and implementation.

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