Remembering Dennis “Denny” Hartman’s Legacy

SOUTH BEND, IN., July 8, 2021  — Dennis M “Denny” Hartman, the founder of Twinlode, passed away on Saturday, June 11, 2022.

Denny Hartman founded Handling Technologies, Inc. (HTI) in 1982 after spending a brief period of time in advertising. He went on to invent the double-wide rack solution known as “Twinlode” which led to the renaming of the company to Twinlode Rack Systems to broaden the range of the company. Eventually, the company rebranded once again to simply be known as Twinlode Corporation.

Denny left a substantial impact on the company, not only by his patented storage solution but also by his character and leadership qualities. Doug Hayden, a partner of the company, said “Denny was gracious to allow me to represent Twinlode to his beverage clients on the West Coast. We developed a friendship as he became a great mentor and helped shape my career. He always carried himself with grace and class. He cared deeply for the employees of Twinlode and developed long lasting partnerships with his vendors and clients. I am honored and humbled to carry on the legacy he created at Twinlode.”


Partners Richard Kooistra and Mike Klaer also spoke of Denny’s influence on their careers. “Denny and I worked together for twenty plus years and developed a special relationship,” Richard Kooistra recalled, “he always had a listening ear and would be the calm in the storm. He mentored me and helped make me who I am today.” Similarly, Mike Klaer spoke of Denny’s impact saying “I started working for Denny twenty-five years ago, right after college. Not only did I have zero sales experience, but I also didn’t know a thing about the material handling industry. Denny always showed me that hard work, honesty, and integrity were the keys to succeeding in this industry. He was more than a boss, mentor, and business partner. Denny was a friend, and I am honored to have worked with him but more importantly I am blessed to have known him for twenty-five years.”

Denny’s legacy will live on at Twinlode and he will be remembered as a mentor and friend who pushed Twinlode to become the company it is today.

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