Automated Warehouse Planning for the Automotive Industry

Industry Evolution Calls for New Solutions
The automotive industry is massive, in fact, it is the single largest manufacturing enterprise in the United States.

Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, told CNN Business, "Five years ago, when I first got into the job, I said I expected to see more change in the auto industry in the next five years than we had in the last 50. Today, we are seeing the changes and transformation accelerate."

The U.S. auto industry has seen exponential growth ever since its beginnings in the late 19th century. Today, the industry continues to advance on the automation front. It is adding more sophisticated collaborative robots, AI technology, looking to 3D printing and integrating other advanced technologies.

The automotive industry is very dynamic and requires extreme flexibility from automotive manufacturers. Due to the growing global competition, smart production systems combined with flexible logistics systems that can be adapted quickly are imperative. This is also the case for the aftermarket industry. This inteligence on the manufacturing side is passed on to aftermarket, where speed and accuracy are equally important.
Twinlode Automation Answers That Call
With more than 20 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket industry, Twinlode Automation masters the design of adaptable and efficient warehouse processes. Twinlode is able to guide its customers into the direction of Industry 4.0 with warehouse and storage solutions positioned to succeed far into the future.

Inside automotive aftermarket facilities, there can be a great variety in the sizes of parts being handled. Therefore, scaling to systematically handle parts sized from very tiny up to very large, as well as to manage the flow of items that move in and out quickly vs. those that can sit for some time, is extremely important in these warehouses. Interruption or confusion in the flow of materials can be detrimental and costly to warehouse operations. Smart design is required to store and pick these various parts efficiently.

With the increasing implementation of new robots working alongside forklifts, carts and other warehouse equipment, and taking into consideration other key factors, such as a focus on designing for narrow aisles and handling fragile items, Twinlode Automation is experienced in developing smart solutions.

From high density racking to automated storage and retrieval systems, Twinlode Automation’s solutions prove to increase efficiency and productivity, increase storage space, reduce labor costs and provide more accurate tracking of inventory in spaces where storage density is crucial and there are high volumes of loads moving and out of storage.

Twinlode Automation offers the necessary configuration options to overcome all the automotive challenges. Through flexible, modular and automated warehouse solutions, Twinlode Autmoation paves the way to sustainable success in the automotive industry.

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